Winter makes it difficult to take a picture every day, largely because my preferred source of lighting is natural light.  Since I’m busy during the day, there are very few hours where the most desirable lighting is available.  Therefore, I have to get creative.  This is a picture of one of my necklaces, a rather mundane object.  However, by using a makeshift macro lens (basically, detach your lens and turn it around – thanks  Photojojo!) I could produce a relatively interesting picture.  The interesting thing about this do-it-yourself macro photography is that the depth of field is extremely shallow (see how only a very small portion of the photo is in focus?).  I wonder if that’s the same with an actual macro lens.  Perhaps one day, when I have a spare $3,000 dollars to spend, I’ll buy a macro lens and find out.  Until then, this method works for me!


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